CLA Safflower Oil Side Effects – You Need to Know

You may have been fond of CLA Safflower Oil benefits since you’ve heard about these many times. But how many times you heard about its side effects? Are there any bad side effects to taking safflower oil?

Taking safflower oil can be promoting some side effects. But you don’t need to worry. They rarely happen to most well people. The safflower oil has been used to treat the symptoms like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, fatty acid deficiency, diabetes, as well as it works as an anticoagulant.

The results can vary from one user to another. Some are prone to side effects, some are not. There are some side effects that you may need to consider. We’re going to explain them briefly below.

CLA Safflower Oil Side Effects

In many cases, the safflower seed oil is safe to take by anyone. Even pregnant women are allowed to take it orally. What makes folks misunderstood was the myth that the oil was not safe for pregnant women. The fact is that it is the safflower flower that is dangerous for pregnant women. To be sure, you could consult with your doctor about this. Meanwhile, there is only a little information about the safety in taking safflower seed oil during the breastfeeding. Again, consult with your doctor about this.


Safflower seed oil can slow down the blood clotting. The bleeding problems like clotting disorders, intestinal ulcers, and other types of bleeding won’t work so well with this oil. If you have a bleeding problem, your doctor will definitely suggest you not to use the safflower.

Allergic reactions

​If you are allergic to ragweed and related plants, then you may not the perfect candidate to take the safflower seed oil. But the allergic reaction can be relative from one individual to another. In fact, many of those who have allergies are still able to take the safflower seeds oil. Make sure you talk about this with your doctor.


​The intake of safflower oil on routine basis might increase the blood sugar level. The only concern is when you deal with diabetes, you will have the challenge to control your blood sugar as you take the safflower oil.


​As mentioned, the safflower oil can slow down the blood clotting. Therefore, it may impose the threats when conducting the surgery. You will need to stop using safflower oil at least fortnight prior to the surgery. You need to do it to remove the effects of safflower oil.

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